How I Make $1,000 per Month Running a Minecraft Server

Minecraft eBook
26th of July 2014

I’m Preston; I’m from New Jersey and I make money playing a freakin video game!

Last month I made $1,255 from Minecraft!


If you like the idea of getting paid for doing something fun like Minecraft, you’ve come to the right place!


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“Minecraft is not for making money, it’s for fun;

how dare you commercialize it.”

My Rebuttal: So playing a game for the sake of sitting in front of a screen and selfishly wasting countless hours of your time, making a server the way you want it, but nobody else does, while you waste your family’s money hosting a server that gives you nothing in return is somehow more noble than creating a sever people love so much that they’re willing to pay you? You, sir, are a moron. And newsflash, Minecraft is already commercialized. The company has done over $400 million in revenue.

Get real man! If your server makes money, you have a better incentive to make the gaming experience awesome.


Having a server that’s cash flow positive is actually doing your players a favor!

I’m not going to go into the details of how to play Minecraft.


I’m not going to go into the details of how to program a server, or install plugins.



I’m going to show you how I made over $14,000 doing something I love, and how too many servers are missing out.



If you run a server now that has players but is not generating revenue, you’re literally throwing money in the toilet.



Invest in this eBook. You’ll thank me later.

In this eBook, I cover:

  • Setting Up Your Server

    Before setting up your server, know these tips that will help you avoid costly mistakes.

  • Building Your Server Website

    Strategies and resources that will help you make your Minecraft server website site a money-machine.

  • Building Your Team

    Specific details on where and how to find and recruit a winning team of staff members for your server.

  • Building Your Community

    Specific community building strategies that will make your server a place players won’t want to leave.

  • Monetizing Your Server

    Generate income in a way that benefits the server and players, while helping you earn a nice side income.

  • Promoting Your Server

    “If you build it they will come” doesn’t work! Learn how to get a never-ending stream of new players!

Check out the actual Table of Contents of my book!

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    • My guarantee


    I guarantee you will find the information in this eBook useful. If you don’t find any value in the book, just email me within a week of purchase and I’ll refund you.

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